Exploring Broek-in-Waterland

Class has begun! The Dutch Landscapes course began with introducing logistics for staying in the Netherlands and receiving course materials. Professor Aay gave an introductory lecture on basic phrases and words of the Dutch language to better prepare students for their time in the Netherlands. Professors Aay and Hoeksema gave the second lecture for the day on the physical and cultural geography of the Netherlands.

Local resident and village tour guide Jan Mars gave the group a tour of the town we will call home for the next month: Broek-in-Waterland. With a population of 2,500, this town has played an important, if not wealthy, role in Noord-Holland through its centuries-long history. With a beautiful church in the center of the town, several drained lake polders adjacent to the town, and an amazing array of traditional Dutch structures, this town is an amazing look into a Dutch village, mostly free from the influence of swaths of tourists and traffic.

Here are some pictures of Broek-in-Waterland. Off to Amsterdam on Friday!




We’re all having a great time,

Noah Schumerth

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