Randstad by Train

Today has been a long day of travel in all forms. From surviving rush hour traffic on the freeway to the scenic exploration of South and North Holland, all of us have seen a large portion of the Netherlands in only a day. Once the professors dropped us off at the train station in Dordrecht, we were to given an itinerary for how we would essentially return back to Broek in Waterland by traveling the trains. Throughout this trip, we had to stop at cities including Rotterdam, Delft, Den Haag, and Amsterdam Zuid to explore as well as understand the role public transportation has in these cities. We saw newly built/renovated train stations that fit into the urban environment while also attracting people to use public transit. Also, the city of Rotterdam was very intriguing as we walked through the shopping district and an indoor market. Overall, everyone successfully completed the trip even though one of our stops was under construction. Traveling by train was a great way to explore the development of cities in this area and to also see how life is different in the Netherlands.


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