Waterschap and water projects

Today, we met with people from the Waterschap Drent Overijsselse Delta (regional water authority). We started out by learning a bit about the jobs that they do, which includes everything from finding and capturing musk rats that are harmful to levees, to planning and executing huge water projects.
After a pretty good lunch (better than your average conference meal according to Jamie),we got to go see the flood by-pass that is being built off the IJssel Delta.

To end the day, we got a tour of Kampen, a city from the Middle Ages that opted to create a series of barriers across streets and openings that pair with existing city walls and buildings to create a protective flood barrier. All together there are over 100 pieces that would have to put up by 250+ volunteers in case of emergency. While this might seem to be excessive, it accomplishes the town’s goal of maintaining beautiful waterfront views!


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