Almere and Oostvaardersplassen

Today we visited IJburg and the floating houses. The floating houses were all unique and colorful, each with their own style. When we were looking at the houses, the sunrise was beautiful except for when Hoeksema attempted to drive up the curb. We then drove to Almere, which seemed like a ghost town and Utopian society rolled into one city. Each of the residences had a unique style like the floating houses, but there were hardly any people in the streets. Finally, we visited Ooostvaardersplassen where we were given a guided tour of the nature preserve. We saw horses and deer that were introduced into the preserve in the 80’s. When we were walking back, it started raining a lot and we all were soaked. Overall, today was an interesting mix of looking at buildings with unique designs, experiencing new cities, and walking through and experiencing nature in the province of Flevoland.


-Hannah Larsen

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