At first glance, Bremen looks like another tourist trap with very superficial souvenirs and little substantive experiences, but upon visiting, I found it to have a genuinely outgoing community.

Bremen stands out because of its unique buildings and architecture that helped create the stereotypical image of a German city. Brightly colored exteriors with bright white outlines, tightly packed alleys and uneven cobblestone roads. This unique aesthetic seems to be what sticks out to most people. What stood out to me, however, was the residents in Bremen.

Every store had it own unique artistry to it. All of the products looked unique and personalized for every store and nothing felt like a cheap knockoff for gullible tourist. The shopkeepers were very outgoing and friendly in a way that I haven’t seen in any other cities. They were genuinely excited to talk about their work and converse about almost anything. It appears the close-quarters and the prevalence of a town-square as a central area for gathering has created a close and enduring community. Ultimately, to me, this is why Bremen is such a popular destination for tourism, not because of the city, but the community and the culture.


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