Reflections on Wittenberg

Wittenberg was an amazing experience! I enjoy learning about church history, and Martin Luther is definitely a main character in it. Visiting both his church and his house was super cool. His church was very impressive. It was so fun to see the door where he posted the 95 Theses that basically started the Reformation. We now celebrate that day, and I was able to see where it happened. This was one of my favorite places. His house was much larger than I thought it would be. He had a very large family. I learned that his parents did not want him to become a theologian. They wanted him to become a lawyer. It is odd to think about what would have happened to the church if he had followed that path.

The town was a little odd too. We visited on a Sunday, but the whole town seemed dead. Few shops were open. There seemed to only be a handful of restaurants open. When we walked through the town, it seemed to just be us there. It was eerily vacant. This made it fun to take some pictures in the streets though. The streets were so small with so few people and gorgeous buildings. We had some fun taking jumping pictures. (unfortunately I couldn’t get the picture to load with full resolution)

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