The Summer Program in Germany was an amazing experience that I am very glad to have participated in.  From our classes and to the history and culture of Germany, I have benefited much.  Going into it, I had a little anxiety about being able to communicate since I only had one semester of German under my belt, but that was not much of a problem: most of the people we talked to were able to speak English, and I picked up on much more German than I expected.

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Blog Question 4

Visiting Wittenberg and seeing Martin Luther’s home and church was impactful for me especially since I grew up in the Lutheran denomination.  I therefore learned a lot of information on Luther in Catechism, but the museum was a good refresher.  I appreciate all of that more now that I have matured and grown in my own faith.


I am very excited to go to Germany: it will be my first time out of the USA, I will be studying engineering in the engineering hub of the world, and I will be going through this new experience with many of my friends.

I hope for our class to gain a unique insight into a culture that is very different from ours here in the US.

I believe I will bring my “good looks and charm” in contrast to the “ever-present humor/sarcasm” of another individual.

I pray that everyone in the program is given wisdom, health, and fortitude along with a great time spent over these next couple of weeks.