Elevator Speech

My time in Germany was incredible to say the least! I had so much fun, learned a ton about engineering, and met a lot of amazing people! I got to travel to different parts around Germany and even spent a day in Paris. I really enjoyed learning from both professors and especially loved each joke that was told by Professor De Rooy and each story by Professor Nielsen. I made a lot of new memories that I am very grateful for and really enjoyed this trip!

We got the opportunity to travel around Europe and see so many different amazing things that play a huge part of the world’s history. We got to experience so many different things first hand and learn what life was like back them. It was an amazing experience that I will forever be grateful for and never forget!

What its Like Living In Germany

Standing under the gate the soldiers would come through after coming back from the war. There were many people around but it was truly a sight to see!

After a long school day, a couple of us took a break from doing homework and studying to indulge in some amazing ice cream. The ice cream there was incredible, we just couldn’t get enough!


At the top of a castle in Bremen looking over the city. It was so beautiful, we stood there maybe an hour just in awe of it.

The Koln Cathedral

Worshiping at high mass in the Koln Cathedral was not at all what I expected it to be. The hymnals were sung mostly in Latin, and it didn’t really seem as though many people from the congregation were singing along. They mostly just listening to the choir and read along in the hymnal book. During the church service, I was looking up at the Cathedral ceiling, thinking about how incredible it was that it was built so long ago by builders who had no idea what trusses and frames were but is still standing strong. Continue reading “The Koln Cathedral”

A Week Into Germany

The first week here in Germany has flown by so fast. The week is quite repetitive, but the weekends are jam packed with group activities. Every day, we wake up, eat breakfast, and then head to the bus station for the activity of the day. On the bus, we usually get some really weird, and probably deserved, looks from the locals. Something that I was not expecting to encounter was how the people here immediately start speaking English to us, or how the people dress quite nice rather than my usual t-shirt and shorts look. Some of the many great things Germany has to offer is that the Redbull is substantially cheaper, chocolate is $0.59, and it is completely normal for people to have a beer with every meal. Some perks I guess you could say.  Continue reading “A Week Into Germany”