First Week in Germany

Germany is a very beautiful place with cute apartments being one of the very first things we saw on the way to our residence from the airport. One thing that I did not expect was the fact that it felt as if they (Germans) lived in two different times: the past and the present. Ancient buildings were preserved and standing firm beside new, conventional and modern ones and we would sometimes find that a modern and well-known fast food restaurant or company is in such a building, like McDonald’s. I believe that the only thing I truly missed were water fountains with free water, free bathrooms and free shopping bags, but we all got the hang of it. One main thing that I wish was back home was the efficient, convenient, and comfortable transport system! It was a whole beautiful experience trying to get used to the system and getting around easily.

Germanyyyy: full experience

First Thoughts

I am on this summer program to learn about the culture of Germany, develop my german speaking skills and create new relationships with other students. My strength is to help others who are need of help in any way if is in the context of this engineering class we are taking. My prayer is to hope that nothing wrong happens throughout the whole trip.

Gerald Ford Airport. Saw some trusses.


Initial Reflections on Germany

Before I went to Berlin, I was expecting tall buildings and some archaic buildings made out of wood and sometimes cement. However, when I went to Berlin, I was really surprised because I was getting a feeling of familiarity. This was due to the cement buildings and short buildings, unlike the United States which use mostly metal and wood. Where I’m from, Ghana, almost everything is short and mostly made of cement.  Thus, I got a nostalgic feeling of home and feeling of curiosity towards the city.  Staying in Berlin has made me miss getting water and ketchup for free. It made me realize how I took them for granted.  What I am really going to miss the donner kebabs. If they brought it to the states, I would buy it every day.




Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

This trip to the concentration camp made me feel emotions of anger, fear, and disappointment. I felt angry that something so evil happened, I am also disappointed in the people, for example, the churches, who allowed this evil to thrive and made me fear what will happen in the future due to the fact that this catastrophe was started by man, therefore meaning another catastrophe similar could be caused by another person.



Köln Cathedral

I have been to a lot of churches but that church was the biggest and one of the most detailed churches I have ever seen. I was even shocked and understood why it took them 600 years to make something this grand building. The church service was also interesting. Unlike, the catholic churches I’ve been to, they used incense. This use of incense changed the feeling I was receiving from the church. Throughout the whole trip, I never saw people waiting and standing for another service of a church. I was sad and happy to see that because even though most are coming as a tourist, there is always a chance God will touch some of them.







Initial Reflections on Germany

Germany so far has been good and exciting. Initially, I really did not expect Berlin specifically to have many numbered trees but it was still interesting. Furthermore, the meals I’ve had so far are delicious especially Gemuse Kebap! My friends and I went there-Oriental Snack- on a daily basis because we found it irresistible! Anyway, I was also surprised when a citizen told me Berlin is a poor city compared to other cities as Munich. But so far it has been good!

Germany versus Jamaica

The first thing I noticed when I arrived in Berlin is the beautiful infrastructure which outlines the city. When I first exited the airport, I was greeted with poisonous smoke blown out from the lips of a seemingly adept smoker. I noticed on my bus ride through the city, the elegance and creativity of the art scattered across Berlin. Berlin has several statues of bears on almost every street corner all of which I aim to take a picture with. Continue reading “Germany versus Jamaica”

first Berlin Thoughts

The first thing that strikes me about Germany, or Berlin rather, is how it is- simultaneously- very multicultural and very German it is.  It seems like someone in Heaven decided to mix New York and Grand Rapids together, with a combination of people from a million different places, and “plain” Germans. Also, there’s a very liberal atmosphere that seems to have a healthy dose of laissez-faire and a mind-your-own business attitude that guarantees that people on buses and on trains feel isolated.  Whether that’s a good or bad thing, I’ll leave it to you who reads this.

When I flew out from America, I expected a vibrant city with history and diversity, and that is what I found. What I did not expect, however, was the sheer paradox of isolation and interconnectedness in the city.

I could get used to this.

Initial Thoughts on Germany

Personally, my first week in Germany has been quite exciting! Since arriving just over a week ago I have learned so much about German culture and history. There was nothing too major that I did not expect of Germany. However, one aspect that surprised me was how clean Germans keep their streets and public transportation systems. Another thing that I find interesting is how many people utilize public transportation and how easy it is to use. At first, it was overwhelming to use public transportation because it is all in German but, I quickly got used to finding my way around the city. From home I mostly miss that English is always spoken and used. For me, it is still sometimes intimidating when ordering food or shopping because I am unaware if they do speak English. This can sometimes create confusion but is more a problem when shops are trying to move fast and I hold them up longer due to the language barrier. Some things that I wish that home has includes, the public transportation system and the amount that people are outside with friends or family. Back home people tend to stay inside with their AC and not socialize as much as Germans appear to. Overall I am loving my time here and think that this trip has been thus far a great opportunity to learn more about others and their culture while studying and taking classes for my major.