Second Thoughts

This summer has been a great one so far- but its not over yet! Later this morning we’ll be hopping on a bus to Detroit to make our flight this evening. As a red-eye through to Amsterdam, most of us have been staying up late to hopefully (fingers crossed) sleep on the plane, though some still have homework to do….

While I’m not looking forward to the inevitable jet-lag, I am super excited to start our journey. I’m hoping to gain some unforgettable experiences with this summer program, and build some long-lasting friendships.

This is my first time going to Europe, and while I may not be able to draw on past experience travelling abroad, or rely on my charm to get me through, I think I’ll still be able to make a positive contribution to the group, and at least bring a healthy curiosity and positive attitude. I pray that we’ll have the chance to grow together through this shared experience, and have a great class outcome!

Stay tuned for more info from the group, and wish us a sleep-ful (is that a word? whatever, its English so it doesn’t matter),


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