The Köln Cathedral was one of the first things that caught my attention as soon as we stepped out of the Hauptbanhof along with the endless amount of tourists swarming around the majestic structure.

Worshiping in the Köln cathedral was a unique experience for me because of how much it contradicted the Pentecostal church I’ve grown up in. I was amazed at how tourists would sight see at the back while the service was going on. I found the burning of incense interesting and a bit disturbing. Majority of the service consisted of singing in Latin and a German sermon, languages I am not very conversant with. A part of the service I enjoyed was listening to the organ and the musical accompaniments as we sang the hymnals. It was also tiring yet refreshing to climb up the 600 and some stairs and take in the beautiful view from the top of the bell tower of the cathedral.

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