What An Experience!

Never did I imagine myself being in Europe but this trip created an opportunity for me to achieve one of my dreams and I really am thankful to God for this as well as my family and friends who prayed for me. This trip was exciting especially the fact that I made new friends, participated in new stuff, and a whole lot of things. The professors, also, were incredible and the fact that they came to our side every night to help us with our assignments showed us how dedicated they are in ensuring the best for us. Furthermore, studies were easy since we had lots of time to ourselves over the weekdays.

The people of Germany were really friendly, at least most of them. I remember almost getting lost until I met this woman who helped me with the directions since I was new to this. She even made an extra step to escort me to the exact place I needed to be and I am forever grateful to her. Also, the foods in Germany were delicious especially the Doners and Knuckle Pork. My friends and I went to a particular doner shop- Oriental Snack- every single night because we found it irresistible! Furthermore, the cities in Germany along with their monuments and cathedrals were incredible. I personally will really like to come back and visit those places again.

To end this, Germany was a fun place to be and hopefully in the future I would like to come here with my family!

Tiffany Epiphany

I had an epiphany. Around this same time last year, I was only a recently graduated high school senior in Nigeria and if someone told me that I would climb up to the top of the 516 feet Köln Cathedral in Germany, I would have laughed uncontrollably at the utter nonsense which I just heard. But here I was at the vantage point of this city in Germany, staring down in absolute awe from the top of the Köln cathedral, which is literally the embodiment of gothic excellence. That really hit me hard and at that point I was happy and grateful to realize how far I had come.

I am very big on food so I love to try new ones, and I tell you there is really amazing food there in Germany. We had Schnitzel, Spätzle, currywurst, doner kebab, eisbein and many others. My mouth is already watering just mentioning the names of these delicacies.

Studying engineering has never been so fun. First week we learned about trusses and when you get to know what they are, they are pretty much everywhere around us. Now all I do when I move around is look for zero force members. Thanks to Prof. De Rooy!

Still can’t believe I spent 6 weeks in Europe…best time of my life!



The Summer Program in Germany was an amazing experience that I am very glad to have participated in.  From our classes and to the history and culture of Germany, I have benefited much.  Going into it, I had a little anxiety about being able to communicate since I only had one semester of German under my belt, but that was not much of a problem: most of the people we talked to were able to speak English, and I picked up on much more German than I expected.

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