What An Experience!

Never did I imagine myself being in Europe but this trip created an opportunity for me to achieve one of my dreams and I really am thankful to God for this as well as my family and friends who prayed for me. This trip was exciting especially the fact that I made new friends, participated in new stuff, and a whole lot of things. The professors, also, were incredible and the fact that they came to our side every night to help us with our assignments showed us how dedicated they are in ensuring the best for us. Furthermore, studies were easy since we had lots of time to ourselves over the weekdays.

The people of Germany were really friendly, at least most of them. I remember almost getting lost until I met this woman who helped me with the directions since I was new to this. She even made an extra step to escort me to the exact place I needed to be and I am forever grateful to her. Also, the foods in Germany were delicious especially the Doners and Knuckle Pork. My friends and I went to a particular doner shop- Oriental Snack- every single night because we found it irresistible! Furthermore, the cities in Germany along with their monuments and cathedrals were incredible. I personally will really like to come back and visit those places again.

To end this, Germany was a fun place to be and hopefully in the future I would like to come here with my family!

Cologne Cathedral

The service in the Cologne Cathedral was a catholic one and I could not really relate to that since I am charismatic. However, I learnt some interesting stuff such as the use of an incense for purification purposes, and many more. The part of the service that fascinated me was when we kept singing German Catholic hymns. I really liked them.  However, I was also surprised how many tourists wanted to view the inside of the church and participate as well. I then read on the history behind the cathedral and how long it took to build it and many more. It really was a good experience.

Reflection on Bremen

Bremen is a chill place and there are some facts about it I found interesting. First, Bremen (considered as a city state) is the smallest of the 16 German federal states. Even though it is the smallest, it stands out to be the second most populous city in Northern Germany and eleventh in Germany. Furthermore, it is known for its football club “Werder Bremen”, which has won the German cup four times! This is quite an achievement for a country that is mad about football! Lastly, at the end of October, the city hosts a festival-Freimarkt- which attracts millions of people every year!

Reflection on Wittenburg

Indeed, the congregation and pastor at the church in Wittenburg seemed excited by our presence in the church. However, I can bless the congregation in my home church by engaging in church activities such as singing in the choir, joining the prayer or evangelism team, and many more. Currently, I am a member of the prayer team at my home church. I normally lead the meetings when I travel back there during Christmas.

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

This was an emotional trip for me because I really detest how fellow human beings were immorally treated in the past and some even dying in the process. However, I managed to read specific details as to why the concentration camp existed and the pros and cons behind it.  All these information and sightseeing made me realize how some people can be dedicated to their task despite it being right or wrong. I personally feel encouraged to tell the story behind this to my fellow colleagues back home and educating them as to why we should build love within our circles.

Initial Reflections on Germany

Germany so far has been good and exciting. Initially, I really did not expect Berlin specifically to have many numbered trees but it was still interesting. Furthermore, the meals I’ve had so far are delicious especially Gemuse Kebap! My friends and I went there-Oriental Snack- on a daily basis because we found it irresistible! Anyway, I was also surprised when a citizen told me Berlin is a poor city compared to other cities as Munich. But so far it has been good!

First Thoughts

I am on this summer program with an expectation to have a deep understanding of the culture of Germans and develop good relationships with other students.  At the end of classes, I hope that I achieve all that said above and even more. Furthermore, I can contribute to this group by helping other students with materials they find difficult since I have prior knowledge. Lastly, I pray that this trip becomes a success for everyone and may God help us all in Jesus’ name!