Comment on your trip to Bremen.  What did you find interesting about the history of the city?

I thought that the old cobble roads were very interesting because it told a time where the main mode of transportation was horse and buggy in the wide roads they had. The town seemed very close knit and it reminded me of pictures I see in history books. very cool

Living in Germany


In the picture above lies everyone who lived in my room while at the Heim  plus Felicia who stays in our room more than her own. We had became so close in only a couple of weeks living together. We were so close that we all chose to wear black and white on the same day without planning it. We stayed together for most of the time ensuring that we looked out for each other. Continue reading “Living in Germany”


Our trip to Bremen was really amazing our boat ride around the harbor was really interesting. I also found the bremenstatmusikant really interesting and how the folklore behind the donkey, cat and the fowl fits in with the history  of the beautiful city.

Reflection on Bremen

Bremen is a chill place and there are some facts about it I found interesting. First, Bremen (considered as a city state) is the smallest of the 16 German federal states. Even though it is the smallest, it stands out to be the second most populous city in Northern Germany and eleventh in Germany. Furthermore, it is known for its football club “Werder Bremen”, which has won the German cup four times! This is quite an achievement for a country that is mad about football! Lastly, at the end of October, the city hosts a festival-Freimarkt- which attracts millions of people every year!

(Slightly Delayed) Thoughts on Bremen

Bremen was probably the city I was most excited to visit, probably because it was one of the few German cities I actually knew something about before coming here. The main thing I knew about Bremen was the fairy tale of Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten, or the Bremen Town Musicians, which we had read in class. The main reason I was excited to visit Bremen, though, was to see the city where some of my family may have lived. Continue reading “(Slightly Delayed) Thoughts on Bremen”