In case you thought we were having a much-too-serious-time in Germany, here are some our finest members recreating the classic statue of the Bremen Stadtmusikanten (under the command and supervision of Prof. Nielsen).

Our journey Bremen was one to remember. After “losing” three students in the Berlin Hauptbahnhof (they may have lost themselves), the remaining students travelled together to Bremen and were instantly struck by its beautiful architecture and peaceful nature. A short walk from the train station took us to the town square, home to the town hall, parliament, a cathedral, and our pal, Roland.


After a quick lunch break, we went on a walking tour of the city, walking to the old part of town, lovingly called “Schnoor”, that used to be the medieval centre of Bremen. Professor Nielsen took us through only the smallest of alleyways and even showed us one of his favourite places to eat.

Next, we went to the crypts located in under the cathedral of St. Peter, where eight bodies have been naturally mummified (probably due to the lead and dry air in the room) and headed to the river for a boat tour. On the boat, we saw a Kellogg’s factory, Beck’s distillery, tug boats, wind turbines, even a cargo vessel called “Star Kirkenes”, all of which point to the port city that Bremen is and its historical significance during both World War II and as a city in the Hanseatic League. After the boat tour, it was free time and back to Berlin.

It’s always interesting to see how cities choose to preserve their history. For Bremen, it was preserving the Schnoor area, now a prime spot for window shopping (and actually shopping of course) and preserving the cathedral and old architecture in the town square.

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