Blog Q8

If I could describe the Europe trip in one word it would be eye-opening. It made me realize and understand that there are other people in the world besides people in the states. Different cultures and traditions that I learned about while I was in Germany. I was able to see first hand how different life was there. For example most people use public transportation to get places, there are different colored parts of the sidewalks which are bike lanes, and a whole different currency. I thought my experience in a different country was amazing and I would totally go again.

blog Q6

Reflect on your experience of worshiping at high mass in the Köln Cathedral.  How is this different than your home church?  What parts of the service did you like?

My church doesn’t have the preist in robes and we do not sing hymns or light incense down the aisles. My church is much more contemporary with a paster in jeans and a button down.

It is estimated that more than 20,000 people visit the cathedral each day – What were your thoughts of seeing all the “tourists” waiting to get into the church when we were leaving the service?

I thought it was very strange how the church does not have much privacy at all. Hundreds of people were flowing through the back of the church while church was in session. Surprisingly it was not that loud and I could focus on the sermon easily.


Comment on your trip to Bremen.  What did you find interesting about the history of the city?

I thought that the old cobble roads were very interesting because it told a time where the main mode of transportation was horse and buggy in the wide roads they had. The town seemed very close knit and it reminded me of pictures I see in history books. very cool

Blog Question 4

How did learning about Martin Luther affect you? If it didn’t affect you in anyway then why not?

It didn’t affect me much at all because he seems like a historical figure to me. Not someone who I thought about much over the trip at all. I knew a lot about Martin Luther before I went on this trip but learning about him again gave me a nice refresher.

Concentration Camp Reflection

During our visit to the Sachsenhausen, there was a certain feel to the air. A weight that seemed to grow the deeper we got into the concentration camp. It was a place of a cruel evil. Imagine the most inhuman conditions possible and that was how the Jews were living. It makes me appreciate my life and the blessings I have been given and to never take my life or anyone else’s for granted. It was definitely an experience worth going through, even though it was very difficult.