Tiffany Epiphany

I had an epiphany. Around this same time last year, I was only a recently graduated high school senior in Nigeria and if someone told me that I would climb up to the top of the 516 feet Köln Cathedral in Germany, I would have laughed uncontrollably at the utter nonsense which I just heard. But here I was at the vantage point of this city in Germany, staring down in absolute awe from the top of the Köln cathedral, which is literally the embodiment of gothic excellence. That really hit me hard and at that point I was happy and grateful to realize how far I had come.

I am very big on food so I love to try new ones, and I tell you there is really amazing food there in Germany. We had Schnitzel, Spätzle, currywurst, doner kebab, eisbein and many others. My mouth is already watering just mentioning the names of these delicacies.

Studying engineering has never been so fun. First week we learned about trusses and when you get to know what they are, they are pretty much everywhere around us. Now all I do when I move around is look for zero force members. Thanks to Prof. De Rooy!

Still can’t believe I spent 6 weeks in Europe…best time of my life!


Kolner Dom

As a Catholic worshiping, at the Cathedral it felt very exciting. The structure was very impressive and it kept me captivated throughout the whole service. I thought it was very interesting how I could recognize the main sections of the mass and follow along even if it was in a whole different language that I am not used to.

People forget

When I got to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp and learned about the way innocent lives were wasted, I became very sad and somewhat angry. Why would people be treated in such a bad way? furthermore why should a symbol of such a bad memory be there for everybody to see? I felt it was a mockery of the lives that where lost including their families. But after a conversation with one of my classmates, I realized how flawed my thinking was. The concentration camp wasn’t left standing to mock those who had passed away. Rather it is a symbol of the bad things that had happened; a way of reminding people about the past in the hope that it would not repeat itself. In a nutshell, the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp is still there today because people forget. Lets hope we never forget.