Exploring Europe

Count’s stone castle – Ghent, Belgium

This castle was super enjoyable for me to visit; many of the castles in Germany were just very beautiful summer palaces, but didn’t seem very defensible. This fortress, however, seemed to be constructed with defense as the top priority. The outside wall had wooden windows that opened sideways to allow burning oil to be dumped out of them. The inside keep was significantly higher and had its own gate so if the outer wall was breached the fortress still had hope of being defended.

Dreisam River – Freiburg, Germany

This is one of many rivers in the Black Forest. I personally really enjoyed the quiet babble of the stream as my friends and I explored the rocks different water features here.

Crux Devan – Geneva, Switzerland

After a long hike up an extremely steep grade, my friends and I managed to reach the top of this very cool mountain. On the opposite side of this beautiful view is a large cattle farm.

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