Final Reflections

These past weeks have been amazing! In my time in Germany, I had the opportunity to visit many German cities, including Heidelberg, Koblenz, Koln, Lubeck, Bremen, and Hamburg, in addition to an extensive period of time in Berlin I believe living in Europe has helped me develop the skills I need to be successful in almost any city- how to navigate local transportation (trains, planes, buses- you name it), find access to amenities and enjoy the sights. Through our German language class, I’ve grown in my ability to communicate in another language, and have even been able to support in-depth conversations that lead to meaningful interactions and relationships with locals- an ability I’ll continue to work on in the future. I’ve met people from all-over, whether an immigrant couple from Afghanistan, a gaucho-turned-HVAC repairman from Argentina or a nice music store owner in Bremen-  everywhere I’ve found friends and learned to see the world in a new perspective. This time in Germany has helped me grow as a person, a student and friend, and as a global citizen in our community.

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