Life in Berlin (Through Photos)

We’ve done so much in Berlin these last weeks that it becomes crazy to look back on. However, there were a number of great photos we to document this trip.

One of the first defining things of our trip was the amount of walking we did. It was just so much more convienent to walk to places in Berlin and around Germany than it is in the States. That being said some held up better to all the walking than others. Namely my shoes did not appreciate all the wear and tear I was putting on them.

Yeah, so that has been slowly falling apart the whole trip. So I hope it stays together for the rest of the trip, otherwise I brought Duct Tape for a reason :).

Other things that we did in Berlin is Laundry. It’s a very different experience when you have to haul all your clothes to the laundromat on a bus, pay for the machines and then haul it back. Also the machines only accepted euro coins so we all had to save up the coins we got as change for the whole week just to pay for laundry. And when we got back to the hostel we had to hang all the laundry up because it was never completely dry so once a week our room looked like this.

But probably the most fun I had in Berlin was being able to explore the city and surrounding areas with all the amazing people I got to know better and some that I met here. Here’s a picture of our optional trip to Potsdam, a city just outside of Berlin to see the schlosses that the German royalty built.

Here is a picture of a group of us that got to visit the Reichstag roof (the German parliament building). It was fun to see around the city from the roof because we could recognize all the sights around the city and see the cool dome on top of the building.

So all in all I learned a lot from our trip in Germany and not just in engineering class including this sentiment on the coaster from one of our group dinner restaurants.

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