People forget

When I got to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp and learned about the way innocent lives were wasted, I became very sad and somewhat angry. Why would people be treated in such a bad way? furthermore why should a symbol of such a bad memory be there for everybody to see? I felt it was a mockery of the lives that where lost including their families. But after a conversation with one of my classmates, I realized how flawed my thinking was. The concentration camp wasn’t left standing to mock those who had passed away. Rather it is a symbol of the bad things that had happened; a way of reminding people about the past in the hope that it would not repeat itself. In a nutshell, the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp is still there today because people forget. Lets hope we never forget.

The Koln Cathedral

Worshiping at high mass in the Koln Cathedral was not at all what I expected it to be. The hymnals were sung mostly in Latin, and it didn’t really seem as though many people from the congregation were singing along. They mostly just listening to the choir and read along in the hymnal book. During the church service, I was looking up at the Cathedral ceiling, thinking about how incredible it was that it was built so long ago by builders who had no idea what trusses and frames were but is still standing strong. Continue reading “The Koln Cathedral”

Blog Question 4

Visiting Wittenberg and seeing Martin Luther’s home and church was impactful for me especially since I grew up in the Lutheran denomination.  I therefore learned a lot of information on Luther in Catechism, but the museum was a good refresher.  I appreciate all of that more now that I have matured and grown in my own faith.