Kolner Dom

As a Catholic worshiping, at the Cathedral it felt very exciting. The structure was very impressive and it kept me captivated throughout the whole service. I thought it was very interesting how I could recognize the main sections of the mass and follow along even if it was in a whole different language that I am not used to.

Sunday Worship at the Köln Dom

The service at Köln Dom last Sunday was an immersive and interesting experience. The towering architecture of the Gothic style cathedral deepened are awe as we were immersed in the atmosphere of the Dom. Hymns in German as well as Latin chants were part of the Catholic liturgy. Accompanying and leading the singing of the congregation, there was a choir and an organist.

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Little Town, It’s a Quiet Village

A curious mixture of old and new buildings and shops clamors for space on a winding street front; ridiculously small paths behind and between buildings provide alternate routes for the more adventurous (or more lost, in our case); wider streets lead to a river filled with boats, some tethered, some carrying cargo, and some crowded with people who wave as they pass; and a town square lies in the center of all, accentuated by an old cathedral in front of which a band is playing lively music, tying everything together and creating a need to dance. Welcome to Bremen.

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