A few photos…

Taking the train from Koln back to Berlin-

We didn’t have seat reservations, but we made things work




We took our watermelon for a walk in the Tiergarten one sunny afternoon after class. He unfortunately didn’t make it out.

Kevin in the Tiergarten

We went to Aldi for ice cream and saw this neat mural outside the store

aldi squad- the birth of kool dan

This was also the origin of kool dan, skateboarding aficionado extrordinaire.

Even cobblestones don’t faze him.😎

We made a pilgrimage to the Berlin Lego store and saw this amazing model of the Brandenburg Gate.

Ladam at the Berlin Lego store

On our trip to Bremen we saw a really cool old fishing village called ‘Schnoor’

Over the weekend we saw Heidleberg, Koblenz and Koln. the following are some brief clips of our view from the castle in Heidleberg, and the church in Koln.

We also took a great day trip to Potsdam and saw a bout a million palaces- here’s a clip of the first one we saw

One of the last things we did with our german class was take a trip to the north east of Berlin, where we ate what our prof called the best bratwurst in Berlin. Along the way, we hiked up an old german bunker and saw interesting Vietnamese and Russian sections of the city.

Bratwurst and chill

Yet another day trip- this time to Hamburg to see Miniatur Wunderland, the largest model train exhibition in the world. Bryce, resident train expert and hobbiest, led the group.

Bryce G. Bundens at Miniatur Wunderland


Finally, since we are actually taking classes, I thought I’d include a snippet of a few people’s pre-test ritual:

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