Elevator Speech

My experience this summer was not one to forget. The focus of the trip was taking a Statics and Dynamics course from my professors from Calvin. This has been my favorite course that I’ve taken in college thus far because I could see so many real-world applications. We learned about forces in trusses and bridges (and zero-force members of course), we learned about accelerations and more things than I would like to know about moments. Along with the engineering course we took, we also took a German course with a German professor. This was a very fun course and the professor not only taught us German, but he took us around the city and truly gave us the inside scoop on Berlin. Of course, another big part of this trip was simply being in Germany for a month. I got the opportunity to live in a hostel in Berlin and we also took trips to neighboring cities in Germany each weekend. These cities included Bremen, Wittenberg, Heidelberg, Koln, Koblenz and probably a few others. At the end of the course, I traveled across Europe to Zurich, Paris, and Frankfurt. Because of this experience, I have been inspired to pursue a German minor. I love traveling and I really enjoyed my time in Europe and I don’t want it to be my last.

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