Week #1

After being in Germany for one full week, we are already beginning to feel settled in and comfortable here.

There were a couple first impressions that have stuck out to me. First, how unique and beautiful the buildings here are. There is a variety of amazing cathedrals, palaces, and castles, in contrast to the sleek, modern buildings. Seeing the different types of architecture is very interesting. Second, how enjoyable it is to be able to have small bits of conversation in German with the people here. Being able to do simple things like ordering food shows the people here that we value their country and language.

There are also a couple things that I have had to adjust to in Berlin. Taking the public transit is a bit different from having the freedom of a car. It can require patience, but it also exciting at the same time. Second, living in a city of millions of people whose first language isn’t English is a big adjustment. One of our most helpful and most used phrases is “weisichnicht” (I don’t know). However, I do feel like that we are making progress in understanding and responding to the people we encounter. Overall, the first week here has brought some adjustment, new experiences, new friendships, and lots of excitement.

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