Trip to Bremen

This past Friday, we took a trip to Bremen.  We left early in the morning and took an ICE train to get there. It was very interesting to see the German countryside. The scenery changed very quickly once we traveled beyond the Berlin city limits. We rode past farms, forests, and corn fields.

After arriving in Bremen, we walked into the city center. The buildings we saw were extremely old and beautiful. We walked through an old church and then saw the famous statue of the donkey, dog, cat, and rooster. We even managed to recreate the scene ourselves.

Next we walked through the narrow paths of the town. The paths were packed tight with an assortment of shops, restaurants, and apartments. We also took a river boat tour through the city. It was a very relaxing way to enjoy the scenery of the city.

As a group, we went out to dinner for some German schnitzel. The food and fellowship was enjoyable for all. After this, we traveled home and slept well after the long but enjoyable day away.

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