Photo Summary

It’s very hard to describe the entirety of the trip in a couple of photos, but I think these two do a decent job:

This is a photo I took one day after our German class of all the students waiting at the Bus Stop in one of the first weeks of the trip. Everyone is already pretty good friends with one another and having tons of fun. We also made quite a large group and took up a lot of room and could be relatively loud. Apologies to everyone who was negatively affected by the (occasionally) loud Americans who clogged up the public transportation!


This is a photo I took of Europa Center. I have been to many American cities before and always felt tiny as the large sky scrappers tower over me with only a relatively small road between them. Berlin was incredibly different. Everything was beautiful with unique architecture and ample spacing between everything. It is hard to describe the beauty of the city and how (paradoxically) it was historic and modern at the same time.

This last photo is more of something that was a relatively minor detail of the trip but needs photo evidence to be understood. There were tons of expensive cars all around Berlin. Unsurprisingly there are plenty of Porsche and Mercedes but there were also a fair number of Ferrari (several in this picture), Maserati (second car from front), and Bugatti (not seen here). I’m not particularly a “car guy” but even I was blown away. This one residence very near to St. Michael Heim had all of these just parked in front.

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