Köln Cathedral

The high mass in the Köln Cathedral was very different from any church service that I had previously been to. There were many parts of their service that was different than my home church. One of the most obvious ones was the burning incense that took place during the whole service. Personally, there were no major parts of the service that enjoyed. This is partially because the whole service was in German and some Latin which are two languages that I am not fluent in. It also felt very ‘old’ in the way that they have kept all their old traditions and appeared to have not changed anything from what is described to have been like before the reformation. When exiting after the service I did not think much about the tourists because the previous day that was us looking in on the church. Overall, the Cathedral was magnificent and the architecture was incredible to look at. Another incredible thing was being able to climb to the top and look over the whole city.

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