Elevator speech

A lot of people might wonder or ask me how was Germany. My short answer to this is for sure it was fantastic! However, they might want to hear more detail about my trip like what is culture like at Germany, what is your favorite food, what did you learn, etc…

First thing that I want to share is culture part. Germany has really good public transportation culture so you can easily get to any places in Germany by public transportation. Also Germany seems to very open to immigration and accepts a lot of people from other countries.

Food is another important thing that people might ask frequently. My favorite German food is definitely “Doner Kebab.” It is traditional German food with bread and either chicken or beef inside with lettuces and your choice of sauces. It is very delicious so I would recommend it if anyone visit Germany to try that food.

Lastly, I learn a lot both academically and culturally. I learn Engineering 202 which is my first 200 level of engineering. I learned part of history  of Germany and how they still acknowledge the history and apologize to Jews what they did in past. They make museums of their shameful history to remember and perhaps not do this again. I respect that and I do agree with them. “Countries without knowing its history has no future.”

Reflection on Bremen

Bremen is one of 16 states in Germany. In fact, it is a very small state but has highly dense population. When I get there it made sense why a lot of people want to live their. The city itself is very gorgeous.

In Bremen, you can find their famous status of animals which represents Bremen’s funny tale story. what I really liked in there is Bremen town. Stores and cities are very gorgeous and people seem to be nice.

Reflection on Koln

When we arrived to koln, I was shocked by this giant cathedral building truly looked grand and magnificent to me. It made me wonder how long it took for them to complete the building and how they design such a cool building like this.

The Koln cathedral was a lot different than my home church. It was a lot bigger and has more tradition service than my home church. I would say it was very unique experience. Surprisingly, I really liked the traditional service that they had.

When I saw all these many tourists waiting to get into the church when we were leaving the service, made me sad cause I wanted people to go to church and have more interested in God than the old building that men made.

Initial reflections on Germany

My first week of Germany was very successful. I recovered from jetlag a lot faster than I expected and I was able to adjust quickly.

One thing that I really liked in Germany is their great public transportation system. You can travel almost anywhere in Germany without having your own car. They even have German rail pass that allows you to travel countries near Germany! I wish United States had better public transportation. However, one thing that I didn’t like in Germany was people smoking everywhere cause I hate the smell of cigarette.

I missed my friends and family a lot and food. I wish they have Apple bees at Germany.