Bremen was awesome

I will be honest I was surprised when we got to Bremen. By this point we have spent so much time in Berlin that Berlin is my main impression of Germany. Therefore I welcomed the opportunity to explore and walk around a new city and I quickly realized that Bremen was an amazing town to explore.

First of all, I loved the town square we walked to right after the train station. The whole town was built around the square which contained the beautiful church and a statue of Roland, a knight who defended the city. Also it was very cool to see the statue of the Bremen Stadtmusikanten, representing a story we read in class back in the States.

While walking around the city I encountered many other interesting things which I did not expect. I enjoyed the small fishing village with its many small shops to look in. Also, seeing the city from the boat tour was also exciting. It was a different experience to see the city from the water and to see how important the the harbors of Bremen and nearby Hamburg were for German areas throughout their history.

Overall Bremen was an interesting place to walk around in and a great place to spend a Friday without class to experience a different part of German culture than we see here in Berlin.

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