Student Life Abroad

What is a trip abroad without a blog post about the food?

Here’s our time in Germany as illustrated by meals:

Breakfast at St. Michael’s Heim is how we would start off the day (and yes, it was the same every morning. In fact, the hard-boiled egg and yogurt in this picture were extra special that morning.).

  Lunch sometimes involved fairly cheap Vietnamese food close to our classroom at TU Berlin. Un-pictured was the other option: homemade peanut butter/nutella sandwiches with fruit stolen taken from breakfast.

Dinner often consisted our class favourite spot: Oriental Snack. After discovering that their döner kebabs with curry sauce were far superior than all others, well, let’s just say we certainly kept them in business.

Once a week, we were treated to “a real meal” group dinner, complete with our own choice of a single alchoholic (or of course, non-alchoholic) beverage. And to add to our overall German experience, the dinner was often schnitzel. But hey, Germans really know how to fry flattened pork.

And finally, the almost-literal-cherry-on-top, gelato. If we were lucky, the profs would treat us to a single scoop of delicious gelato at the end a travelling day.

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