Worshipping in the Köln Cathedral

Worshipping at the Köln Cathedral was quite unlike any other church service I have ever attended. I come from an Asian-American, English speaking, American Baptist church in LA County, so needless to say, the Catholic, Latin speaking, very traditional service in Köln was an experience. Besides the obvious language difference and extreme change in demographic, I have never been to a service that was as ornate and ceremonial as the one in Köln. I think the incense swinging man (does he have an official title?) was the most surprising, if not strangest, thing I’ve ever experienced in church, yet it only added to the proper and almost regal feeling procured by the service. One of the things I enjoyed most was the acapella choirs that sang throughout the service; their beautiful voices were only amplified in the grand architecure of the historic cathedral. All in all, the service was unique and one that I hope to remember always.

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