Elevator Speech

Germany was Great! We stayed in Berlin most weekdays, and explored other areas on the weekends. During the final week I was able to explore Europe with a smaller group of friends.

My favorite of the group outings to different cities was our trip to Heidelberg. Out of all the cities we visited I thought this was the prettiest, because I really liked the look of a river running through the center. Additionally, the old bridge connecting both halves of the town was really pretty, and the castle ruins there were also rather spectacular.

During our last week in Germany, we were allowed to split into smaller groups and explore anywhere in Europe we wanted to. I went to Geneva, Switzerland, and then visited the Black forest. After that, I traveled up to Ghent, Belgium, and then up to Rotterdam. After Rotterdam, I went to spend a few days in Amsterdam, and then back to Berlin, Germany. Out of all the places I traveled the last week, I thought Ghent had the prettiest city, but the landscape of the Black Forest was my favorite. In the black forest, my friends and I stayed in Freiburg, and explored around there, and also visited the Triburg waterfall, allegedly the highest waterfall in Germany.

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