“So how was it?”

   This entire trip has been a great experience, in both the expected and unexpected. I knew going in that I would be doing all of the “fun travel things”, mainly seeing sights and trying delicious food and drink. And while this is all true, I also want to put focus on the things that I’ve learned on this trip, not just through the classroom but through my interactions with people and the city.

I’ve shared great times with said people doing the fun travel things. Examples range from class organized events like our weekend trip to Köln (cathedral) and Wittenberg (ft. Martin Luther), to outings with friends like to Hamburg (largest model train exhibit), and just commuting around the vast city of Berlin through walking and transit. The food we ate was great, with the Turkish döners, currywurst, and Weiß Wein standing out to me.

Schooling wise I’ve learned quite a bit through both my german and my statics & dynamics classes. But as I’ve mentioned, learning was also done through people. Daily living when class was done was something we adapted to together, whether it be navigating the subway lines or figuring out how laundromats work in another language. The stories and motivations from my peers get a very honorable mention, as they were able to encourage and inspire me to work my best (specific shoutouts to a peer who wants to treat water as well as a refugee friend who wants to excel in German school).

Despite all the positives that I’ve painted for this trip, there have been various physical and emotional trials to overcome, with personal ones that go beyond trying to ace a difficult engineering test. These trials weren’t easy, but because of my support from God, and by extension my friends, I’ve learned and grew, being able to be more patient, loving, and kind in the midst of unfair situations and personal weakness.

All in all, this trip was everything I expected and more. There was also the last week that we were given to travel around Europe, which is another rollercoaster ride entirely. I would like to thank my family as well as the donors for supporting me, as they helped contribute to an awesome trip that I will never forget!


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