Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

This was one of the trips I was not very excited about because it was a reminder of the dark times in Germany, and Europe in general. One main thought that kept going through my mind as I went through the Camp, and visited other museums of similar sorts, was how people could think of themselves as so superior to other people and treat them as they please, even though God created us all as equal.

I like the fact that these things exist to constantly remind Germans of the past and  prevent such things from happening again.

Summary of my time in Germany

Germany was AMAZING! It was a once in a lifetime experience, and even if I get to go to Germany again, I wouldn’t be able to go with the same people I went with this summer. Germany is very unlike the US and that in itself is something that I really liked because I got to experience a whole new environment and culture. We had two classes for 4 days a week – Engineering and German – and left the weekend for traveling and exploring. I was very anxious about the trip initially, and I didn’t imagine that I would talk to any of the people going on the trip that I did not know. It was a very strange and interesting mix of people that went on this trip and I am glad that everything went the way they did because I have formed some great relationships that I never thought I would.

The cities we visited and Berlin, where we lived, were all great. One thing that I noticed about all the places we visited was how flawlessly they lived in this modern age but still had many reminders of the past around them, from the statues, buildings, plaques, museums and other things. One of my proudest moments in Germany, were the times I was able to use the language or understand what the Germans were saying when they spoke the language to me.

We spent a total of 6 weeks in Europe and the fact that me, along with 3 other girls that were on the trip, got to go to Paris and see all the many structures that I have always dreamed of seeing, made me feel some sense of accomplishment and happiness. All in all, Germany, and the rest of Europe that we visited, was an amazing experience and one that I would never forget!

Köln Cathedral

I have been to a Catholic church a few times because my dad’s family is Catholic. However, this is not how my home church is. We do not burn incest or do all the other proceedings of a Catholic church. However, it reminded me of the times I had been to a Catholic church, except that this mass was in German, and I was able to follow some parts of the service. I mostly liked the parts where the congregation and the choir sang.

I was a little bit overwhelmed that even before the mass ended, there were already tourists waiting to get into the church. I tried to imagine what the locals thought and how they felt about that. It also shows how important and big of a monument and tourist attraction the Köln Cathedral is to everyone: Germans and tourists.

Blog Q7

These pictures are all from the day we went to the Holocaust Museum. It was a solemn day for all of us as we saw and learned about what the Jews in Germany went through.

After a solemn day at the Holocaust Museum, we went to the Reichstag and took very many pictures, and this was one of my favorites.

After taking pictures at the Reichstag, our professors left us to be on our own and find our way back. We walked through a beautiful park and just enjoyed some fresh air and conversation.

From the park, we went to get some great ice cream! One thing I loved about Berlin and practically everywhere in Germany that we visited, is that you can find ice cream everywhere and for relatively low prices, which was great. After this, we found our way back home to St. Michael’s Heim and even though it was a long journey, it is one I will never forget.

First Week in Germany

Germany is a very beautiful place with cute apartments being one of the very first things we saw on the way to our residence from the airport. One thing that I did not expect was the fact that it felt as if they (Germans) lived in two different times: the past and the present. Ancient buildings were preserved and standing firm beside new, conventional and modern ones and we would sometimes find that a modern and well-known fast food restaurant or company is in such a building, like McDonald’s. I believe that the only thing I truly missed were water fountains with free water, free bathrooms and free shopping bags, but we all got the hang of it. One main thing that I wish was back home was the efficient, convenient, and comfortable transport system! It was a whole beautiful experience trying to get used to the system and getting around easily.