Initial Thoughts on Germany

Personally, my first week in Germany has been quite exciting! Since arriving just over a week ago I have learned so much about German culture and history. There was nothing too major that I did not expect of Germany. However, one aspect that surprised me was how clean Germans keep their streets and public transportation systems. Another thing that I find interesting is how many people utilize public transportation and how easy it is to use. At first, it was overwhelming to use public transportation because it is all in German but, I quickly got used to finding my way around the city. From home I mostly miss that English is always spoken and used. For me, it is still sometimes intimidating when ordering food or shopping because I am unaware if they do speak English. This can sometimes create confusion but is more a problem when shops are trying to move fast and I hold them up longer due to the language barrier. Some things that I wish that home has includes, the public transportation system and the amount that people are outside with friends or family. Back home people tend to stay inside with their AC and not socialize as much as Germans appear to. Overall I am loving my time here and think that this trip has been thus far a great opportunity to learn more about others and their culture while studying and taking classes for my major.

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