Woche Eins

This first week spent in Berlin has been fantastic. Traveling will give you such a different perspective on the world and Berlin is a great city to be in. I never expected I would enjoy living here quite this much.

So, there were a number of things I did not expect about Germany. First, the street food is Amazing and also cheap. I did not expect Döner to become one of my new favorite foods but here we are. I had it several times in the last week and I see no reason to stop now. Also it was surprising how many dogs there are around the city. We’ve seen them everywhere from on the buses to tied up outside grocery stores.

An excellent Döner from our favorite stand

Probably the one thing I miss most is my pillow. The one here is a bit soft but other than that the bed is very comfortable. Another thing I miss is a kitchen, we’ve been eating a lot of sandwiches here because of it. And once had to think outside the box to make spaghetti in a microwave.

Also there are many things about Germany that I wish were back home. The first is German windows. Those things are really cool, you can tilt them open or open it like a door. Another is the great public transport. It is amazing to be able to get around the city quickly and reliably with just a bus pass.

Berlin is great and I’m looking forward to the rest of my time here.

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