Germany versus Jamaica

The first thing I noticed when I arrived in Berlin is the beautiful infrastructure which outlines the city. When I first exited the airport, I was greeted with poisonous smoke blown out from the lips of a seemingly adept smoker. I noticed on my bus ride through the city, the elegance and creativity of the art scattered across Berlin. Berlin has several statues of bears on almost every street corner all of which I aim to take a picture with.In my venture to exploring Berlin, to my utmost surprise, there were more people than I originally expected who didn’t know how to speak English. I was also astonished to see how diverse the city was.

Being an international student living abroad for about a year, I have begun to become accustomed to being away from home.  Despite this, among the long list of things that I miss (usually the food), I miss my family and friends back home the most.

Germany is absolutely magnificent to see and explore; I have noticed some strong similarities between my country and Germany. However, there is one thing I hope that my home country would adopt and this is Germany’s transport system. Germany has an effective and efficient transportation system with trains, trams and buses which actually arrive relatively on time.

All in all,  my experience thus far in Germany has been great and I look forward to the weeks to come.

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