Settling in to some sort of routine

We left Calvin University on a coach bus around 11:40am on Friday.  We flew trough the night and ended up in Berlin 17hours and 50 minutes later (elapsed time) at  11:30am local time.  The goal was then to find our house and make sure that everyone knew how to take the transit system from downtown back home.  For all of us, it was like pulling an all-nighter since most of us did not go to bed until around 9:00 that night. Some of the students were able to sleep on the bus and on both plane rides.  Alas, many of us (including me) did not sleep meaning we were awake for around 32 hours.

On Sunday we went to the American Church in Berlin and then took the S-Bahn (train) to Alexandarplatz for a quick lunch and then walked along the street called “Unter den Linden” visiting the Berliner Dom (as a tourist) and the Brandenburger Tor (Gate).  By the time we got through the gate it was time to head back home so we could make it to our first group dinner – wood fired pizza and a beverage.



Today was a typical weekday:
Breakfast from 7:00-8:00, leaving home at 8:00 and commuting by bus to the university (about 45 minutes).   We gave the Engineering course and got to talk all about trusses.  We had lunch at the Mensa and the students had their first German Class.
It is now about 9:00 at night an many of the students are still working on their homework.

This routine repeats for all class days from Mon-Thur.


L. De Rooy


I am very excited to go to Germany: it will be my first time out of the USA, I will be studying engineering in the engineering hub of the world, and I will be going through this new experience with many of my friends.

I hope for our class to gain a unique insight into a culture that is very different from ours here in the US.

I believe I will bring my “good looks and charm” in contrast to the “ever-present humor/sarcasm” of another individual.

I pray that everyone in the program is given wisdom, health, and fortitude along with a great time spent over these next couple of weeks.

Hello world!

Welcome to the Calvin Summer Program in Germany 2019 blog

Our class has been meeting on campus for this week and we are ready to go to Germany by bus tomorrow morning.

Actually, we are taking a bus from Calvin to the airport and then a jet from Detroit to Amsterdam and another from Amsterdam to Berlin.


Leonard De Rooy

Calvin University