First Thoughts

I chose to be a part of the 2019 Summer Germany Engineering program with the desires of starting my trek on becoming a world traveller and completing one of many engineering courses. This program would serve as a valuable experience where I could explore German culture while learning about the  mechanics of particles. I held the hope that this class will meet my expectations of being a building block for solving real engineering problems. Continue reading “First Thoughts”

First week auf Deutsch…

It’s only been a week and already it feels like so much longer. Our travel here was successful, but not without hiccups (we ended up accidentally going out of security in the Amsterdam airport, and had to be escorted back through) which just adds  tot adventure.

Just after we realized we went the wrong way… Thankfully an English-speaking attendant could help us figure out how to get 40 people back through security to make our connecting flight!

Continue reading “First week auf Deutsch…”